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New York Revolutionary War Tax Lists

Subcommittee on Revolutionary Taxes, Genealogy Committee,
National Society Sons of the American Revolution

John D. Sinks, Harold Ford and Tilghman McCabe, Jr.

May 24, 2016

The tax lists in this file are from two microfilms from the New York State Archives for Series A3210, Accounts and Tax Assessment Lists, 1721-1779, 1779-1788 and Series A1201, Tax Lists and Assessment Rolls, 1779-1815. Thanks are due to the Archives for their preservation of these records and making the microfilm available through interlibrary loan, and to the Library of Virginia for arranging for the loan.

All lists in this file have been reviewed by the Subcommittee on Revolutionary Taxes and have been found to support the War and/or address a request of the Continental Congress. The lists therefore provide evidence of Revolutionary service for those whose names are found on the lists.

For SAR applications detailed instructions are on citations and what pages to submit are found in the Subcommittee's report "New York Revolutionary Tax Lists from the New York State Archives," posted at the SAR website,

Land and Personal Tax Lists by New York County

The following pages are in PDF format. The counties shown are those that were in existence at the time of taxation and the cities and towns are the names that appear on the tax lists within those counties.

There are many more counties today than back then, and some of the towns shown are now in other counties. For example, Cambridge, NY was in Albany County when tax was imposed but now it's in Washington County.

The names of the individuals being taxed are not indexed and thus are not searchable. The more information you know about your ancestor and where they lived will be a benefit in using these lists.


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