Online Dues Payments

The Empire State Society is excited to announce that beginning with the Annual Dues Renewal for 2020, that the State Society has made online dues payments available for the first time.

This is enabled via our own online ESS system, and is brought to you as a combination of in-house volunteer development efforts by the ESS Online Database Committee and with the cooperation of your Chapter Officers.

Link for payment is at bottom of this page, please review summary and documentation link below.


Online payment capability is powered via PayPal. You are not required to have or open a PayPal account in order to make a payment, as you can also use a credit card. However, we do utilize PayPal as our payment processor, and as such, there are fees associated with the usage. Because of that, we are required to share an Online Processing Fee with our membership in order to ensure that the Chapters still receive the same amount of money, whether is it paid by traditional paper check or via the online payment system. This system will highlight the fee structure upfront, so there is no confusion about what the member gets charged versus what the Chapter receives. (Bear in mind, you will see the fees are not high, and you do save with convenience of the online payment and the lack of needing a postage stamp to mail a check).

NOTE: if you do not wish to pay online, that is perfectly fine, and you can still follow the instructions on the dues renewal letter about writing a check and mailing it to your Treasurer.

During the summer of 2019, every chapter was presented an opportunity to opt-in for this capability. Many of our chapters have opted to participate in this program but some have not. We are hoping that chapters that have not opted in yet will do so in future years. If your Chapter has not opted in, but you find this option useful, please provide that feedback to your Chapter officers so that they are aware of the desire.

How it works

The only information you will need to have is:
  1. your National Member Number
  2. your Empire State Society Member Number
  3. your zip code that we have on file
All of this information is printed on the dues renewal letters that you receive. Once you enter the above information into the payment page, it will inform you as to whether your chapter is participating in this program, and if so, you can proceed to make a payment. For those members who are members in multiple chapters (Dual Chapter Members), you can make payments to each of the chapters online (assuming they are participating); however, you must make payment to your Primary Chapter first.

More detailed information: (opens in new tab) [Payment Walkthrough Document]
This PDF document illustrates each screen of the payment process that you should expect to see. This is the same document that was presented at the September 2019 Board of Managers meeting recently.

Link for Payment: (opens in new tab) [Pay Dues Here]

We hope you find this news exciting as well. There will be emails sent out to the membership of each participating chapter in an attempt to ensure that everyone is aware of this payment option.